Advanced tab of energy calibration window
On the advanced tab, you can revise the equations of the current energy calibration. If the additive nonlinearity correction is not used for a given calibration, then a simple
formula is used. In case of nonlinearity correction, the
formula will be applied, where NonlinShift is computed from the orthogonal polynomial of nonlinearity curve for a given channel value.
This should result in much better agreement of the measured peak positions throughout the whole measurement range. The calibration chart will also significantly change: calibration points will scatter randomly around the calibration line, and the differences between the points and the line become much smaller, thus resulting in much more precise peak position determination.
This page also makes it possible the computation of any energy value and its uncertainty from arbitrary channel values: just enter the position in channels into Position edit box, and possibly its absolute 1σ uncertainty. The belonging energy value will be automatically displayed in keV, together with its computed absolute uncertainty value.
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