Automatically loaded entries
After creating a new evaluation, or selecting an existing one, the spectrum peak evalu­ator window appears. HyperLab now loads all necessary entries of the peak evaluation from the database:
Usage of latest FWHM and energy calibrations
Although you can save several independent peak evaluations for a specific measurement, when you re-load them later, the latest FWHM and energy calibration will be loaded. If you have modified these calibrations in the meantime, saving of the peak list may result in slightly different peak positions or peak fits. This way the exact reproduction of previous fitting results also requires the restoring of previous calibrations.
Ensuring automatic loading of the efficiency curve
HyperLab is able to automatically determine which detector efficiency curve belongs to a particular measurement. If such an efficiency curve is found, it will be automatically loaded by the peak evaluator, and efficiency corrected peak list reports may be generated.
To check if the efficiency analysis is successfully loaded, change to the Messages panel after you started the peak evaluator, and search for a message about the status of the efficiency loading.
In order to ensure the automatic determination of the efficiency curve belonging to a specific measurement, you must perform the following two steps before starting the peak evaluator.
Creating reports with efficiency corrected peak areas
Saving of efficiency-corrected peak areas may be achieved in several ways:
The reports will contain the efficiency value at the energy of the peak centroid, relative uncertainty of the efficiency, as well as the efficiency corrected peak area together with its uncertainty (combined from the uncertainty of the peak area and the uncertainty of the efficiency curve at the centroid).
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