Benefits of database usage
Databases provide significant benefits compared to the conventional gamma spectroscopy, where a multitude of files are in use even if your system is of medium size.
Structured information storage
All of your data, including spectra, calibrations, peak evaluations, efficiency evaluation, etc. are stored in central locations grouped into user projects. Thus a highly integrated and structured set of information can be utilized. If you regularly backup one single database file, no measurement or evaluation data may be lost anymore.
No duplicated data
If you are using independent spectrum files, it is tempting to save all relevant spectroscopic information – e.g. detector efficiency data - into each spectrum file, to ensure that this information is not lost. If spectroscopic data is stored in databases, only a reference is required, which points from multiple spectra to a single detector efficiency curve.
Better integrity
Databases utilize strict integrity rules in order to prevent accidental data deletion. If a user wants to delete a measurement, it is possible only if no peak evaluation points to that data entry.
Easier post processing
Databases provide the users with excellent resources and standard tool for post-processing: extraction of evaluation data is straightforward into e.g. spreadsheet applications.
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