Calibration chart tab
The energy calibration chart allows you to overview the quality of the calibration.
This sheet contains the chart itself at the top, and a peak list at the bottom.
The chart shows the calibration points' difference from the energy calibration line as filled green rectangles; the calibration line with red, and the standard uncertainty of the calculated energy values.
The peak list may be used to add new points quickly to the calibration. The peak list is filtered to display the significant peaks only: only the peaks with less than 0.5% peak area uncertainty will be displayed – however, this value can be  edited under the list. If you find too few peaks in the list, change this value to, say, 5%, and all the peaks above this limit will be listed immediately. To add a peak to the calibration, select it by clicking on its row, then click the Add button beside the list.
On the chart, gray triangles depict the positions of the fitted peaks, which are listed in the peak list table. When you click on a peak, its point will be shown with bolder line, and the corresponding data row will be selected. The difference of the fitted peaks are zero from the calibration curve, as the peak energies are computed from their channel value. When a peak is used for calibration, a matching library peak is selected for its fitted position, so a real difference may be computed.
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