Configuring remote access
Please note that a newly installed MSDE database server will not be accessible from the network unless you enable TCP/IP networking protocol for the SQL Server application. This is due to security reasons: virtually every remotely accessible service may lead to a system compromise.
Note:  If you are using a database only from the same computer – in other words, you are using 'Local database' topology – you should not enable remote connections.
Enabling TCP/IP networking protocol
If you want to enable remote HyperLab Main Module instances to connect to you database server, enable its TCP/IP networking protocol by performing the following steps:
  • Start Manage Database Server task from the right panel by clicking on it.
  • A configuration dialog is disp­layed. Check if TCP/IP protocol is in the 'Enabled protocols' window. If not, select it from the list at the left, then click Enable button. If you are ready, click OK.
    If you select TCP/IP on the list of enabled protocols, and click Properties, a dialog appears with the network port number which is used by the SQL Server for network  communication. This port is 1433 by default.
Enabling communication through firewalls
As a networked SQL Server accepts TCP/IP requests through the network, it requires appropriate network ports opened on your firewall. For default installations, the TCP port 1433 should be enabled.
Note:Opening a port on your firewall poses severe threat to your computer system. Open  the port only for the computers on your LAN, and only if remote access is really required.
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