Creating a new evaluation
To create a new peak evaluation entry and start the Peak evaluator, select your measurement in the database browser tree, then click task Create new peak evaluation in the Tasks window.
Alternatively, you can hit the Enter key, after you selected the measurement node, as Enter key will always start the currently selected task.
A window appears now, which lets you create a new peak evaluation entry in the database.
The Peak evaluation method list should not be modified, as this is set accor­ding to the type of spectrum entries belonging to the measurement.
The Peak evaluation settings comprises fine-tuning options for the peak evalu­ator's algorithm. You can leave defaults in most cases, but if you regularly per­form the evaluation with non-default parameters (e.g. with enabled Tail peak component), you may select diffe­rent options here.
See more details in sections “Peak evaluation algorithm settings window” and “Model functions of peak fitting”.
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