Creating an ODBC data source
ODBC data sources or data links are a set of parameters stored in Windows. Various applications use these parameter sets to connect to a specific database.
As opposed to HyperLab 2002 product line, HyperLab 2005 does not require the creation of an ODBC data source for a HyperLab database in order to use it with Main Module. However, when an external application requires connecting to a HyperLab database, in most cases the simplest way to perform the data transfer is via a newly created ODBC link.
This section contains the detailed steps necessary to create an ODBC data source for a specific HyperLab database.
  •  In your Control Panel, double-click Administrative Tools / Data Sources (ODBC) icon.
  • The ODBC Data Source Administ­ratorwindow appears now. Click on its System DSN tab, and then on the Add button.
  • A database driver selection window appears now. Scroll down the list until you can select the SQL Server item, then click Finish.
  • Specify the basic parameters of the new database: type in a name for it and specify the SQL server. If you want to connect to the local database server running on your computer, then just type a dot (“.”) into the Server box. If you want to connect another computer's HyperLab database, pick the computer name from the Server drop-down box. Description field may be omitted.
    Click Next if you are ready.
  • A client configuration window appears now. Select the SQL Server authentication method, and type “sa” as user name to log in into the server, as well as the database password. Default password is “hlpwd2005”.
    Finally click Client configuration button for detailed connection parameters.
  • The Client configuration window appears now. Select TCP/IP network library.
    Please note that in order to make TCP/IP connection work TCP/IP network library must be enabled. See details in section “Configuring remote access“ on enabling this.
    Click OK when you are ready.
  • The Client configuration window appears again. Click Next.
  • Place a tick mark beside check box “Change the default database to”, and select your SQL Server database from the drop-down list, then click Next.
  • Another database connection option window appears now. Change values if required, then click Finish.
  • A summary page appears now, informing you about the ODBC alias created.
    As it provides a testing facility, click Test Data Source button to initiate the testing of the newly created ODBC link.
  • A message box appears now, and provides basic information on the ODBC link status. If the “Test completed successfully” message appears here, your ODBC data source is ready to use by an external application.
    Click OK to close this window, and click OK again to close the summary page.
  • The ODBC Data Source Administrator window appears again, but now its System Data Sources list contains the new ODBC data link entry.
    Click OK to close this window.
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