Database registration
When you create a new HyperLab database, MSDE database server will be its owner. However, HyperLab will not be aware of this new database without registering it. During registration, an entry is created in the file My Documents \ HyperLab \ HyperLab2005 \ RegisteredDatabases.xml, which will direct HyperLab to display the database in the Main Module's database browser tree, under HyperLab databases node.
In order to register a newly created local database, follow the steps detailed below.
  • Click on the HyperLab databases root node in the database browser tree of the Main Module, then click Register a local database task from the Tasks window.
  • The local database registering wizard appears now. Enter a valid database user name and password, then click Next.
  • Select a local database that is not currently registered, then click Next.
  • If the selected database is accessible on the local database server, you can specify a description for the database. This description will be displayed in Main Module's data­base browser tree, under HyperLab databases node. Also some attributes of the local database server are displayed.
  • When you are ready, click Finish.
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