Database upgrade
The inner structure of the HyperLab databases is rarely changing with newer versions of HyperLab, and these minor changes are transparent for different HyperLab versions – that is, the HyperLab 2002 and 2005 branch is able to use the same databases.
However, from HyperLab 2005, advanced database functions are introduced – for example remote database usage and handling of concurrency. These new functions of HyperLab require at least the 2005.1 version database.
Several bug fixes and serious speed enhancements (e.g. significantly shorter saving times in peak evaluation module) are also incorporated in the 2005.2 version of databases, so it is always advisable to upgrade to the newest possible format.
You are not required to create a new database in order to utilize these new functions, as HyperLab Main Module provides you with a Database Upgrade tool, which is capable of performing these changes in-place.
To upgrade your database to a newer version, please follow the steps below:
  • Start HyperLab 2005, and open the database you want to upgrade. Please note that the version of the database is displayed at the right panel.
  • Select Upgrade database task. A wizard page appears now. The upgrade infor­mation panel contains the possible upgrade steps. Click Next.
  • Please wait while the database up­grade is in progress, then click Next, and Finish on next page. When you open your database next time, it will correctly indicate the new version number.
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