Editing radiation usage flags
HyperLab makes it possible for you to decide if a radiation may be used for a particular purpose, e.g. for energy calibration, efficiency determination and so on. This is achieved through the radiation usage flags, which can be conveniently edited on the given radiation's property page.
In our example we show a method that is applicable to permanently disable the 443keV lines of 152Eu isotope for efficiency calibration purpose (these lines are improper for efficiency determination purposes because the level scheme results in two overlapping 443keV peaks).
Locating the given radiation
Open your database in Main Module.
Double-click on Nuclear data node, then Nuclei. The list of nuclei is displayed now.
To quickly locate a given nuclide, click a nuclide node, e.g. “1H”, then quickly start typing the symbol of the searched isotope. In our case, type “152”. The data browser now locates the first nuclide with the typed mass number.
Double-click on 152Eu node, the open its 13.5-year 152Eu isomer and its 152Eu EC decay.
If you check the list of radiations, you can observe the two 443-keV gamma lines of this EC decay.
Click the first 443-keV radiation in the list, and select Radiation properties task at the right.
The radiation's property editor window appears now.
Editing radiation
You can see the various usage types at the bottom of the radiation property editor window.
If a check mark can be seen beside a specific usage type, then this radiation will be used for that selected purpose.
Remove the check mark beside “Detector efficiency calibration”.
When you click this check box, the change will be immediately stored in the database, and next time the efficiency analysis module will not use this radiation.
Click OK, and repeat this editing for the other 443‑keV line.
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