Elements of the navigating toolbar
Several methods may be used to quickly select a specific region in the Spectrum evaluator. The fastest region and spectrum navigation may be achieved by the Navigation toolbar, which is located at the bottom of the spectrum peak evaluator.
Previous region button: jumps to previous fitted region.
Next region button: jumps to next fitted region. To revise fitted regions one after the other, click this button repeatedly. Alternatively, you can hit the + key on your keyboard.
Scroll bar: scrolls to any spectrum region.
Position edit box, X axis unit changer, Jump button: quick location of a specific spectrum portion is achievable by using these positioning tools. Click the unit changer (labeled with “keV” or “ch”) in order to toggle the unit of positioning between channel and energy, then enter the new position, and hit Enter key or click the green jump button to display the spectrum part around the entered position.
If you hit the Home key, the beginning of the spectrum will be displayed, while pressing the End key shows the last valuable channels.
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