Generic information
HyperLab installs the MSDE (Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine) database management software component by default. This product is the scaled-down version of Microsoft's SQL Server, and its database files are fully compatible with the SQL Server.
HyperLab databases are kept in disk files, containing all measurement and evaluation information used by the spectroscopist. These database files are installed in your “My documents \ HyperLab \ Databases” folder by default.
These are the data files which contain your data, and you need a continuously running server application, which provides these data in a structured manner to every application that  requires them. This is the MSDE version of Microsoft's SQL Server, which is installed as a service application for Windows 2000 systems and above. These service applications are started automatically by Windows upon the boot process, even if no user is logged in to the computer. This way a properly installed and configured SQL Server application is ready to serve remote requests when the computer is switched on, so no special actions are needed on computers which are used as a central HyperLab database server.
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