Generic tab
The generic tab contains most commonly changed generic evaluation algorithm settings.
Peak search thresholds
For spectrum peaks
Peak search sensitivity within the spectrum. Default value is 3.0.
For residual peaks
Peak search sensitivity within the residual. Default value is 3.0.
Region bound determination
Max No. of initial peaks
Contains the upper limit for the number of peaks used to set up an initial region for the fit. Default value is 10.
Region extending for peaks
Region bound limits where peaks merged into an initial region. Expressed as a multiplier for current FWHM. Default is 10.
Region bound extending for kg
Left and right wing for region, used for background determination. Expressed as a multiplier for current FWHM. Default value is 1.25.
Automatic peak insertion
Enable automatic peak insertion during refit
Determines if peak evaluator will try to improve the fit automatically by inserting new peaks to the region's most probable locations and run a refit. Default value is Enabled.
Max peak insertion trials
Maximum number of peak insertion trials. Default value is 10.
Minimum peak amplitude
No fitted peak amplitude is allowed to be less than this value (in counts). Default value is 5.0 counts.
Peak insertion RXSQ limit
Lowest reduced Chi-squared value for the fit when refit takes place. Default value is 0.5.
Automatic curve, tail, step disabling
Disable curve, tail and step for 'small peak-only' regions
Disables unnecessary peak parameters in case of regions where only small peaks may be found. Default value is Enabled (that is, disabling is in effect).
Small peak amplitude limit
Maximum peak amplitude where a peak is considered to be 'small'. Default value is 500 counts.
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