Main Module window
The most important parts of the Main Module's working window are the following:
Database browser tree[1] provides hierarchic listing of objects stored in  HyperLab databases. The items displa­yed in this tree are called nodes.
Detail lister[2] shows common details for the item which is currently selected in the browser tree.
Tasks and Sub-items panels[3] also refresh their content according to the data entry you have selected in the database browser tree. Tasks provides you operations which may be performed on the selected database entry; whereas Sub-items shows special sub-components about it.
Content of the Tasks window also appears in a context menu, when the user right-clicks on a database node. Common keyboard shortcuts may help your work: the database tree may be walked through by using the cursor arrow keys, while the currently selected task may be started by hitting the Enter key. Tab key switches between the browser tree and the Tasks window.
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