Refinement: merging of improperly split regions
Sometimes HyperLab fails at the difficult task of region bound determination.
This may result in improperly split regions, especially when a multitude of peaks are involved in the fit, which are packed together very closely. In this case the fitter algorithm tries to choose a proper cutting point, and it determines it between two close peaks.
The best tool to eliminate this faulty behavior is the region merge tool.
The figure shows two such regions at channel 230.
To perform the region merge:
  • Click on the Region merge tool on the fit refinement toolbar;
  • click over the first region, and keep the left mouse button pressed;
  • drag the mouse cursor over the second region;
  • release the mouse button.
HyperLab joins the two split regions now, refits them and displays the result.
As you can see, the low-energy side of the region also has been moved, in order to find a more stable region background.
The reduced Chi-squared indicates another serious problem, so the peaks rightwards requires a closer inspection.
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