Using of Database batch evaluator
To use the Database Batch Evaluator, open the project in Main Module where your spectra are stored.
Click on Measurements node under the project, then select Batch evaluation task.
Now an evaluator window appears, listing all measurements assigned to this project.
Check the list if it is really required to evaluate all spectra. If a measurement is to be skipped, un-check it.
Change to Calibrations tab. Set the source of calibrations according to your measurement environment.
It is possible to use either the mea­surement's calibration or an arbitrary one from another measure­ment.
Specify evaluation output options under Output tab.
You can save results into the database; as well as generate textual reports or Sampo files for post-processing.
Do not forget to set the folder where your report files will be saved.
You may also specify some other settings under the Advanced tab.
Click the Evaluate button to initiate batch evaluations.
A new page appears now, displaying the overall progress of the batch as well as detailed messages for the last few measurement evaluation.
When evaluation finishes, press Close.
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