Using of Spectrum file batch evaluator
Start the utility by selecting HyperLab 2005 / Batch Evaluator 2005.2 from your computer's start menu.
The evaluator dialog appears now.
Click on Add... button under Spectrum files tab.
A file open dialog appears now.
Select your spectrum files to be loaded, which will be listed at the left side of the utility.
Change settings under Eval settings tab.
Most important is to correctly set the type of spectra: 'Common gamma spectrum files' or 'Dual LFC spectrum files'.
You can also set calibrations on Calibrations tab, if it is missing from the spectrum files.
It is also possible to abandon spectrum files' calibration values, and import common energy and FWHM calibration values from text files.
Set reporting options under Reporting tab. HyperLab is able to create reports in the following format:
  • Sampo-90 *.ptf and *.spe files
  • Plain text files (*.txt), using HyperLab's report templates.
  • Formatted Rich Text report files (*.rtf), using HyperLab's report templates.
Do not forget to set the output folder of your reports, otherwise the report files will be created into the folder of the spectrum files.
HyperLab's report templates are conta­ined in separate files, and can be edited, created, deleted by the user. Rich Text Files also may contain pictures of the fitted regions, revealing the fine details even for a batch evaluation. Please select an appropriate report template if you want to check your fits also with region pictures.
You can set miscellaneous options under Misc tab. You can set the folder of log files here, which is used by HyperLab when creating log files for the batch evaluation.
Press Evaluate button to start the batch. HyperLab now evaluates all of the selected spectrum files, and creates report files as well as log files about them.
During evaluation, you can minimize the utility and work with other programs.
After the end of the batch, click Close to finish the evaluation.
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