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HyperLab 2005 upgrade - February 2007

HyperLab 2005, the completely rewritten new version of our gamma spectroscopy software, is released. All customers of HyperLab 2002 is eligible to receive this version as an upgrade, free of charge.

In order to start downloading the ISO image with the full HyperLab 2005.2b system, please log in. If you are a HyperLab customer, but you do not have you user name and password yet, please email us.

Upgrade intructions for HyperLab 2002 users

HyperLab 2002 and 2005 products may be used side-by-side on the same computer, and their installations do not disturb each other, and these versions may share the same databases. However, they are not able to operate at the same time, due to the hardware key protection.

In order to use the 2005 version, simply install it according to the description found in the Installation Guide. Do not forget to upgrade your databases by the database upgrade utility of HyperLab 2005, in order to utilize its enhanced performance and services. See the Reference Guide for further details.

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