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HyperLab 2023.2 version

HyperLab 2023.2, a small upgrade to our gamma spectroscopy software, is released. All customers of previous HyperLab versions are eligible to receive this version as an upgrade, free of charge.

Please note that this version only support Windows 10 (at least 1809 version), and Windows 11 (with the latest updates), and comes with Microsoft SQL Server 2022.

In order to start downloading the ISO CD-ROM image containing the full HyperLab system, please log in into our customers' area. If you are a HyperLab customer, but you do not have you user name and password yet, please email us.

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Changes since version 2023.1

  • Usability fix: Sampo-90 spectra export re-enabled from spectrum peak evaluator.
  • Usability fix: database backup improved for certain disk targets.
  • Better support for the Ansi-N42 spectrum format

Changes since version 2021.2

  • Initial support for the Ansi-N42 spectrum format
  • Significant performance improvement in data loading from the database, both for evaluation and nuclear data.
  • Significant performance improvement in spectrum deconvolution.
  • Spectrum deconvolution now tends to keep the regions shorter, e.g. will not try to merge regions if more than 25 peaks would be in the merged region.
  • Stability fixes for spectrum deconvolution, like better handling of complex multiplets with many peaks.
  • Several other small usability issues fixed.

Upgrade intructions for older HyperLab installations

HyperLab 2023 may be installed and used side-by-side on the same computer, but as always, a complete database backup is strongly recommended before starting the installation of this version.

Upgrade intructions for pre-HyperLab 2009 users

If you have a HyperLab version less than 2009, please upgrade your software first to HyperLab 2009, following instructions in the Installation Guide. Do not forget to backup your databases first, then upgrade them by the database upgrade utility of HyperLab 2023, in order to utilize its enhanced performance and services. See the Reference Guide for further details.