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HyperLab 2013.1 upgrade - February 2014

HyperLab 2013.1, a minor upgrade to our gamma spectroscopy software, is released. All customers of previous HyperLab versions are eligible to receive this version as an upgrade, free of charge.

Please note that this version is expected the last one, which supports Wndows XP. Further versions will not be tested for Windows XP operating system, and may not function properly.

In order to start downloading the ISO CD-ROM image containing the full HyperLab 2013.1 system, please log in. If you are a HyperLab customer, but you do not have you user name and password yet, please email us.

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Changes in HyperLab 2009.1 - 2013.1

  • Installation issue fixed on Windows Domain environments. Database password became stronger (uses uppercase letters, too)
  • Installation issues fixes for Windows 8, and for the 'All Users' installation type
  • Better logging of parameters for imported spectra
  • Energy calibration import improved in case of original polynomial degree > 2
  • Double-click on database nodes behaves like the Enter key
  • Access right issue fixed for Database restore
  • Database status form improvements
  • Auto-expanding indeterminable components in Nuclide Id window
  • Fixes and improvements in spectrum import for auto-determined meas setup
  • Ortec spectrum loading: auto meas setup determination allowed from 'Sample desc#2' field
  • New Radiation record creation is now possible
  • Initial Windows8-realted fixes
  • Point cursor issues eliminated for analysis curves
  • Report creating of non-admin users fixed

Upgrade intructions for HyperLab 2009 users

HyperLab 2009 may be installed and used side-by-side on the same computer, but as always, a complete database backup is strongly recommended before starting the installation of HyperLab 2013.

Upgrade intructions for HyperLab 2005 users

HyperLab 2005 may not be used side-by-side on the same computer, due to different hardware key drivers and different database structure.

Before using the new HyperLab 2013 version, for safety reasons you should create a backup of your old HyperLab database. Should the upgrade to HyperLab 2013 failed, this way you can restore to the previous state to a working HyperLab 2005 installation.

Do not forget to upgrade your databases by the database upgrade utility of HyperLab 2009, in order to utilize its enhanced performance and services. See the Installation Guide and Reference Guide for further details.

Upgrade intructions for HyperLab 2002 users

If you have pre-2005 version of HyperLab, please upgrade your software first to HyperLab 2005, then continue with upgrade to HyperLab 2009.

Please follow the instructions here to upgrade to HyperLab 2005 first.