HyperLab 2023 pricing and ordering

HyperLab 2023 Currently we deliver version 2023.1 of our HyperLab system, which contains spectrum import plugins for several common gamma spectrum file formats, including ASCII, Canberra's Genie-2000 CNF, MCA, AccuSpec, Ortec's CHN, SPC (max. 64K channels), ANSI N42 and other formats.

Our software is complete product, that is, no further software component is required for spectrum loading and visual evaluation, spectrum fit manipulation, as well as report generation, detector efficiency and system nonlinearity evaluation.


HyperLab 2023.1 is available free of charge for all previous HyperLab customers.


HyperLab prices are specified in Euros, and strongly depend on the requested number of copies. The prices cover all necessary hardware and software costs for the immediate operation of HyperLab System.

Number of copies* Price in EUR Discount %
1 4 000     - 
2 6 600    17.5 %
3 9 000    25.0 %
4 11 200    30.0 %
5 13 200    34.0 %
6 15 000    37.5 %
7 16 600    40.7 %
8 18 000    43.7 %
9 19 200    46.7 %
10 20 000    50.0 %

*Number of copies means the items ordered within 180 calendar days.

Payment coditions

Buyers with no previous purchase records are required to perform their first purchase transaction pre-paid or with a Documentary Letter of Credit. In this latter case a copy of the Invoice and the Bill of Lading will be presented to our bank after the shipment is initiated.

Payment terms in case of further purchases: bank transfer at most 30 calendar days after receipt of invoice (the invoice is shipped with the Software).

Please note that additional delivery, customs or Value Added Tax fees may apply, depending on the Buyer's country and legal status.

You can request price proposals via email.